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Press releases we write and distribute get your company noticed. They increase web site traffic, improve your search results, and create massive buzz.

Guaranteed Distribution

We’re the only press release agency that guarantees your release will be published/syndicated on at least 250+ sites and Google News. This assures your message gets maximum exposure and increases your performance in Google and Bing as well.

Custom Newsroom

Your customers, partners, and media are all always interested in what your company is doing. We provide you a custom newsroom that collects all your press release content in one centralized place. Never again worry about an employee providing dated or incorrect information.

Detailed Reporting

When you send a press release, you need assurance that it’s getting the reach and impact that you expect. We provide detailed reporting showing the major outlets your release has appeared as well as an interactive map showing your global exposure.

Hear What A Few Of Our Customers Say

I had always felt that press releases were something that “big businesses” did and that I couldn’t afford it (and it wouldn’t work for me). Boy was I wrong! Within a few hours of my release going out, the traffic on my site more than doubled and it hasn’t slowed down in the week since. Let’s just say it’s easy just justify regular releases now!

- Steven M

I’m a small business owner and always super slammed with work. I signed up for Impress Release and was SOOOOO happy that it’s a completely hands off operation. All I had to do was load in my site and a few bullet points and they did the rest for me. What an easy way to improve my marketing.

- Manesh D

Want to know what’s impressive? Going into that marketing meeting at work showing the 437 new places on the web talking about your new product launch. Using the service I was able to show my boss concrete proof of increased coverage AND extra site traffic is generated.

- Barbara B.

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