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Before you start writing a press release you'll need a topic to write about. Press releases are news items...not ads or articles. That means the rules for what is suitable for a press release are different.

Most press releases are written around new events, developments etc. in a business or tie ins to events in the news, charities the business is working with. The good news is you can write a press release about anything from a major event to really minor things like releasing a new blog post.

Reading through these topics might also give you ideas for different ways to promote your business online (for example running a poll, giving out your own awards in your niche, or helping a worthwhile charity)...

Announcements Of Something New:
  • New product launch
  • New service launch
  • New feature (eg. an upgraded product)
  • New benefit (free shipping, faster shipping, advanced features for existing customers, etc.)
  • New website
  • New report, infographic or video
  • New offers (sales, bonuses, referral rewards, etc.)

Announcement Of The Release Of Free Information...
  • Free webinar
  • Free ebook (or an ebook that can now be downloaded free)
  • Free tip sheet
  • Free infographic
  • Free report
  • Free survey/poll results
  • Free research results

Announcement Of Awards (Won Or Nominated For)...
  • Personal Awards
  • Company Awards
  • Customer Satisfaction Awards

  • Contest announcement
  • Call for entrants
  • Announcement of who is competing in the contest
  • Prize winner announcement
  • Contest rule updates

Personnel Or Company Changes...
  • New hire to an existing position
  • New hire to a new position
  • Retirement
  • Company anniversary
  • Product anniversary
  • Product milestone (eg. number of users, number of installs, new countries sold to)
  • Need survey participants
  • Need beta testers
  • Need donations

"Weird" News...
  • Odd product facts
  • Interesting case studies
  • Entertaining use case studies (eg. fun ways customers use the product/service)
  • Strange/interesting customer facts

Charity News...
  • Announcement that a business is supporting a charity
  • Announcement of a charity drive
  • Free product or discount product or service for donators to a charity
  • Charity success story (funds raised, people helped etc)
Yes. You have up to 6 months to use any purchased credits before they expire.
Absolutely. You can edit what our authors come back with or choose to just have us distribute the release when it’s ready.
Yes, of course. Not all release sources will allow publishing of them, but if you include them then we’ll do our best to get them published.
Definitely! You can drop your retargeting pixel in any release that goes out, enabling you to market to everyone that sees it. (Note that not all services accept these pixels, but many do.
When the releases go out, they get published on hundreds of sites. When you have the SEO upgrade, we’ll build links to each of those releases, making them stronger in the eyes of Google and giving more "link juice" to your site. We’ll also run all the links through our indexing service One Hour Indexing to maximize the effectiveness of your release with Google. There are no other press release companies providing this valuable service.
Check out this handy chart showing costs and features:

SITE ImpressRelease Newswire PRWeb BusinessWIre
COST $118 $399 $378 $415
DISTRIBUTION 250+ 250+ 1200+ Undisclosed
Yes Yes No No
SEO Yes No No No
Publishing your press releases in a centralized and easy to view location is essential to get maximum value with Google and the other search engines. As your new releases go live, we automatically add them to a Press Room that we host for you. No need to struggle with building your own press room and working to have Google find it. Just add a link from your current web site to your Press Room and you're done.

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