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Impress Release is an online press release writing and distribution platform. We encourage our users to submit newsworthy stories about their business, web sites, interesting activities, or other stories that the public may find valuable so that we can publicize them.

Since you know your business better than we do, we encourage you to write an initial press release draft on your own. The more information we start with, the better the release will end up being. Please be sure to follow the guidelines listed below to assure minimal changes need to be made. Of course if you need help writing one, you can give us just a few bullets that you'd like covered and we'll do our best to turn that into something amazing.


How to write a PR summary and headline:

  • The first paragraph of your PR cannot be used as the summary.
  • Your PR summary should contain at least one sentence.
  • Your summary should accurately represent what your PR is all about.
  • Your headline must indicate news-worthy content.
  • Your headline must be related to your PR.
  • Your headline must include an active verb and must not exceed 80 characters.

Acceptable PR content:

  • Your press release must contain news-worthy content. New website launches, new articles, and other articles related to the aforementioned do not qualify as news-worthy content.
  • Product reviews (regardless of whether the reviewer is affiliated with the manufacturer or not) are not acceptable.
  • Your PR must not read like a regular article on the web. It must carry news value.
  • Your PR must not promote coupon codes, bonuses, discounts, or news about promotions.
  • Jail breaking, rooting, and other hack-related PRs are not acceptable.
  • Grammatical and spelling errors should be kept to a minimum (none, if possible).
  • PRs that contain radical religious or political views or written with the aim to harm someone’s or a business’ reputation are not allowed.
  • PRs submitted must not be copied from another source or already published on the web.
  • Your press release must not contain just your opinion.
  • Other PR promotions/content that are not allowed or acceptable include but are not limited to: gambling, Garcinia Cambogia, electronic cigarettes, sexual enhancement products, loan services, mortgage, etc.

How to Format Your PR:

  • The minimum word count is 300 words and the maximum word count is 800 words.
  • Objectivity is a necessity. PRs that contain first person pronouns (We, You, I, and more) will be rejected.
  • Symbols and special characters are forbidden in PR headlines.
  • Email addresses are forbidden within the PR content.
  • Be sure to include contact information for the posting organization.
  • Links to illegal or sexually explicit material or websites are not allowed, and your PR can only contain one link for every 200 words of content.
  • Quotes within your PR must be accurate. Fake quotes or made up quotes are not permitted.
  • PRs must contain only the link html tag. Special formatting tags, such as bold, italic, underline, and JavaScript will hamper the submission of your press release.
  • PRs should not be written like a sales letter or advert.
  • PRs must not contain questions.
  • Images that are over 200KB in size or published in any format aside from jpg, gif, and png will not be accepted.


  - Anything referencing court cases must include links to official court cases
  - Stock market related posts need to have written authorization from the company

Impress Release reserves the right not to publish articles or request modifications as we deem necessary and appropriate. We do not enforce a religious or political agenda and will happily distribute releases that disagree with our own beliefs as long as they follow the guidelines.

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